How Portable Transport Sales Works

Portable Transport Sales is extremely proud of the products and expertise we have developed over the years through our hands-on research and experience in the field. Our team will aid you in creating the right setup for your needs using our patented and patent-pending storage delivery technology, which is without a doubt one of the finest on the market today. Additionally, we’ll assist you in finding portable storage containers that best fit your needs and work with the manufacturer to ensure the containers are built to our exact specifications.

The Portable Delivery System Components

The Power Unit

Strong and mobile, the Power Unit can lift and drive up to 7,000 lbs when it is safely locked onto the storage container. It can move over almost any terrain and features a remote control that gives the driver full mobility of the storage container when lifted or unloaded.

Portable Transport Sales Power Unit
Portable Transport Sales Power Unit

The Hydraulic Wheels

With an electric-operated hydraulic pump, the operator can raise or lower the end of the portable storage unit in seconds. With the quick-release locking pins attached to the release arms, the operator can attach the hydraulic wheels in seconds without even having to bend over.

Check out our Portable Transport Sales Hydraulic Wheels.
Portable Transport Sales uses Hydraulic Wheels.

The Dovetail Trailer

Specially designed to receive the Portable Transport Sales components, The Dovetail Trailer can be used with your truck to transport 12-foot to 20-foot containers. Once the trailer is loaded, the hydraulic dovetail is lifted, and the container is secure for transport.

Portable Transport Sales Dovetail Trailer
Transport your storage container with our Dovetail Trailer.

The Portable Storage Unit

Portable Transport Sales does not manufacture the portable storage unit. However, we work with major manufacturers of the portable storage unit to make sure they are compatible with our delivery components. One of our major manufacturers is  Universal Storage Containers. We can put you in contact with their sales representatives to get you pricing on some of the finest portable units on the market today. If you have another manufacturer constructing your portable storage units, Portable Transport Sales will work with your manufacturer to make sure you have the proper connecting tubes to ensure the components are compatible.

If you would like to learn more about our Portable Transport Sales, download our the Portable Storage Delivery System Information Packet, or watch our video.

Learn More About Our
Portable Transport Sales Delivery System

If you would like to see how our components work, view our video and see the Portable Delivery System in action. If you’re interested in the business opportunities Portable Storage Delivery System provides, contact our portable storage office in Lynchburg, VA at (434) 528-0040, and ask for Mark Rash.