Portable Transport Sales Business Opportunities

Are you already in the self-storage business and looking to create another revenue stream? Do you own another line of business and have an extra acre of land or a parking lot? If so, the portable transport business may be the perfect fit for you.

Based in Lynchburg, VA, Portable Transport Sales is pleased to offer our products and expertise in the portable storage business through our Portable Transport Sales, LLC. Our patented and patent-pending portable storage components are all available for purchase if you’re looking for a business opportunity in the storage market.

Experience the Portable Transport Sales Delivery System Difference

The Portable Delivery System is different than any other portable storage system. It’s user-friendly, versatile and cost-efficient. If you’re considering getting into the portable storage market, consider a Portable Storage Delivery System. We’re a step ahead of the competition, and here’s why:

1. You’ll save money on initial costs. Instead of the $750,000 to $1 million or more needed to start a franchise, you can start your own Portable Storage Delivery System business for around $200,000.

2. No need for a large warehouse to store your units. Warehouses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus the taxes and insurance on the property. All the Portable Storage Delivery System needs is a parking lot, as our units are built to handle the weather and don’t require a warehouse.

Our easily portable storage system.3. No need for large, expensive trucks with cranes and lifts. Designed to be an extremely versatile delivery system, the Portable Storage Delivery System only needs a truck capable of pulling a goose-neck trailer.

4. Most importantly, there are no franchise fees. When you purchase the portable storage system from the Portable Storage Delivery System, it’s yours — you’re free to name it whatever you want and to keep all the revenue generated.

Questions to Ask Before You Start a Portable Storage Company

The convenience our Portable Storage Delivery System offers is what our customers look for — our portable storage units cut the customer’s time and physical labor in half. Getting started in the portable storage business may not be as hard as you think. First consider a few questions concerning the portable storage market in your area.

Who are your potential customers? Anyone with a home or business in your area is a potential customer. People often need portable storage units when in the following situations:

  • Families moving from one home to another or needing long-term storage
  • Contractors or homeowners remodeling a home
  • Insurance companies or families dealing with disaster or damage to a home
  • Corporations that are remodeling their office building

Who is your competition? Research your market area, and determine whether the population in your area will support a portable storage business. Take note of what the competition charges for portable storage unit rental and delivery.

How many portable storage units do you need to get started? The cost of the portable storage units are a large part of your initial cost — Portable Storage Delivery System suggests that most owners start out with 20 to 25 portable storage units and purchase more as the business grows.

What are your local zoning regulations? It’s very important to check on your local zoning regulations to make sure the new business will be allowed at your location.

Learn More About Portable Transport Sales

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or add to an existing business, consider Portable Transport Sales. Contact our Sales Team in Lynchburg, VA today and let them explain pricing, the types of units available, delivery times, market research and more.

Want to learn more about our Portable Transport Sales? Download our Portable Transport Sales Information Packet. You can also contact our sales department directly at (434) 660-4020.